Diretta Aperitivo FLUSSO (TBD)

Enclosure : STREACOM FC5
APU : AMD Ryzen 7xxxG
Memory : Micron/Crucial 64GB
Boot : Micron/Crucial NVMe
Storage : Micron/Crucial 4TB SATA x2
PSU : Diretta Contorno FLUSSO-PSU/DUE
Cable : oyaide 102 SSC 3398-16
OS : Gentoo Plyer
Power : 12V x2

All clocks operate at an external 10 MHz.

Diretta Contorno FLUSSO-PSU/DUE

Uses two 12V power inputs.
ATX Power Supply Unit

oyaide 102 SSC

To avoid impurities as much as possible, only virgin copper that does not contain any recycled copper is used in accordance with JIS C1011.
Peeling process is applied to remove 100% of impurities attached to the surface.
In order to facilitate the flow of electrical signals through the surface layer of the conductor, the strand is made finer using a natural diamond die to improve the surface smoothness of the strand.
The stranded wire is processed with a processing accuracy of ±1μm, far exceeding the standard error tolerance of ±8μm.
Two annealing processes are used to eliminate mechanical stress distortions in the strands.
Thorough product control of manufacturing control values, maintenance, shipping days, etc. Achieved the highest conductivity of 102.3% IACS.

USB Network Adapter for SFP

Stable placement thanks to its weight of 500 gram.
TI's low-noise and high-PSRR LDO TPS7A47 as well as two Ruby Mica Capacitors are used.
This combination realizes extremely low noise from a stable power supply that has been hard to find before.
External power input with a physical switch. (DC connector 5.5/2.1 including a mechanical relay)

Diretta Aperitivo USB-SFP

(this product)
USB Cable 3.0 TypeB
(connect to PC)
SFP-DD 31 55
(single BiDi module pair)
(1000BASE-T SFP module)
(single`cable SC connector 1.0m)
(single`cable SC connector 3.0m)
(single`cable SC connector 20.0m)
*These are Quartz Fiber Cable (Please be careful)