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Firmware will be provided for the hardware specified by the manufacturer or the retailer.
Products related to Diretta such as Target USB Bridge and Target DAC can be designed, developed and sold to end-users.
A permanent update of the support system as well as required software and firmware is provided.
audio equipment Manufacturers and Retailers : contact

Japan:OLIO SPEC(Target USB Bridge)
other country:USB Boot x64(Target USB Bridge)

Diretta Target USB Bridge for USB boot for any x64 PC

Provided in a USB memory stick
Works with x64 AMD or Intel CPU
USB-DACs that work on Linux can be used
Requires minimum of 2 or 1 core CPU, recommended of 4 core CPU
499.00 Euro (tax included)

Order and Trial here : contact
* Support by E-mail only.
* Customers will be responsible for the cost of returning the product in case of failure.
* License is managed by individual E-mail address.
* A duplication of the attached USB memory is not allowed.
* This product is provided only for regions where support is difficult due to lack of the retailer.
* checked DAC