Diretta Lucia 12V
canarino Bridge DUB
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Diretta Lucia offers a fully integrated Diretta system
An audio interface module that reflects Diretta's philosophy of noise control
Products related to Diretta such as I2S DAC / Target USB Bridge / Host USB Bridge are available.
Network modules such as Wired LAN + USB Wireless Ethernet / Fiber optics are available
TI's low-noise and high-PSRR LDO TPS7A47 and 4 Ruby Mica Capacitors are placed
This combination realizes clear sound quality from a stable power supply that has never existed before
In I2SDAC, FPGA is used for interface conversion, and not only LVCMOS connection but also DC-Balanced LVDS connection reduces Ground Loop noise.
Signal conversion can be implemented on request
All software provided to end users is provided and all compatibility issues are eliminated.
Continuous online firmware updates, PC drivers, configuration tools, etc.

Diretta Mestre
Lucia uses the Mestre. It is Original SOM (System On Module)
Mestre developed by Diretta

Released Diretta Target USB Bridge for automotive as initial design
Realize Diretta Target to USB-DAC connection using Diretta Lucia
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